Welcome to My Mess

C’mon in, don’t worry about taking your shoes off at the door or wiping your feet on the mat. Bring in your dirt, your germs, your worry, and your pain. Let’s sort through them together. Go ahead, make yourself at home amongst my clutter. Maybe between the two of us we can do some spring cleaning.

This is a place where my thoughts find meaning. Maybe you have the same thoughts and it’s helpful for you to read through my experiences. Or perhaps you can’t relate at all and you’d rather just laugh at me from wherever you’re at. That’s completely fine, I give you full permission. Either way, I’m happy to help.

So, friend, I’m just trying to make sense of all this random clutter, and if you’ve just finished the last season of whatever show you’re binge-watching on Netflix and care to join me, that’s great. I’m happy to have you. Welcome to my mess.

Colleen #1


2 Responses to Welcome to My Mess

  1. laughterlattesandlove says:

    I have so loved reading your blog today… You have spoken what I’ve needed to hear and thank you God for sharing this blog with me. As a side note, I LOVE the look of your blog and wish I could figure out how to make mine look so amazing 🙂


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