Soaking It In

Today was my last day of high school. Ever. Some of my peers cried while others blasted their horn as they threw papers, notes, and tests out the window of their open sunroof. While I did a little dance as I walked out of my alma mater’s doors for the last time, I won’t deny the tears that threatened to fall as I looked in my rearview mirror at the building that holds so many memories for so many students.

The schedule for the evening could have looked like anything. I could have gone home and watched some good ol’ Netflix with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s (my leftover prom dates) but I decided to “soak it in” and embrace the last day. I met with some various friends and the night consisted of long walks, creamy milkshakes, murky puddles, and a muddy creek. As we explored my friend’s neighborhood looking for warm puddles to jump in, we all kind of realized how silly we looked. Here we were, seniors in high school, waddling around barefoot like soaked children. The way I see it, it would have looked even more out of place if we were 90 years old and playing in the rain so we might as well do it now when it’s remotely acceptable. We were literally “soaking in” the end of our senior year.

After almost face planting into the bubbling brook that slightly resembled coffee with too much cream in it, we decided to finish off the night with some popcorn. In that moment, sitting in my friend’s kitchen with our raccoon makeup and frizzed hair, we didn’t care what we looked like. We didn’t notice how much food we were stuffing or noises we were making as we munched on our snack. I truly felt like a child and I was definitely okay with that. I walked away with something tonight. These are the “good old days” moments that only resurface every once in a while. So jump in that puddle. Chase that ice cream truck down. Dust off that old board game you used to love and play it. Life is an open door (I hope you sang Frozen just then). Every “childish” moment that comes your way is an opportunity like no other. Embrace them. Take full advantage of them. Remember every second of them. Go out and soak them in.


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