Calling for Help

I was a terrible friend tonight. My friend “M” was dog sitting overnight by herself. So naturally my friends and I decided that it would be a good idea to scare her instead of watching the Cavs game. (we weren’t quite as “All In” tonight as most others were) Let me preface this post with the fact that this isn’t the first time we’ve scared M. You see, this good friend of ours is very near and dear to our hearts. However, she’s pretty easy to mess with and sometimes we like to take advantage of that. (Sorry M) Hey, we are just teaching her lessons of forgiveness. You’re welcome.

And so, with the assistance of others, we found the house she was at and parked a couple houses away. Let me pause the story and take a moment to let it soak in that we actually spent time doing this pathetically evil deed. Anyways, after triple checking the house just to be sure it was the correct one, we moved toward the front porch and lightly tapped on the window. Following this, we ran to the side of the house like little giggly children because what else would we have done? We then received a picture from M. It was of the window that we were standing under and it she explained that the window was making her nervous. So, like the great friends we are, we threw mulch at the window and proceeded to run back to the front door to ring the doorbell and yep, you guessed it, ditch. We ran to the other side of the house but quickly realized that our frightened friend might possibly be on the phone with the police. We weren’t really feeling a police encounter on this fine evening so we decided to reveal ourselves. Turns out, M had immediately called her father.

M felt threatened and alone in a dark house and her first instinct was to pick up the phone and call her father (fortunately for us). That got me thinking. Who do I call when I’m feeling alone or scared? Yeah, it’s good to seek help from my friends and family but will they all really be there all the time no matter what? No. My family and friends are definitely reliable but they physically can’t be there for me at all times. Thankfully, I have a 24/7 life-line. Do you? What happens when life distracts your support system and they can’t help you out? How long until they decide not to pick up the phone? When someone throws mulch at your window, who do you run to? 

Photo Jun 12, 12 50 11 AM (1)

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