Rough Rewards

I’ve spent the past 25 days at Saranac Village in New York where I worked 12 hour days in order for over 1,600 campers to hear about the love of their Creator. I’ve wrestled with how to best describe my month so I’ve decided to share with you some of the things I wrote while on Work Crew. Enjoy!

Day 1:

Journal: “Everything’s been real crazy so far.. 25 days seems really daunting.”

Prayer: “God, Your creation is glorious. Remind me that I am Your creation.”

Day 3:

Journal: “My feet are sore but it’s worth it.. I dropped a piece of cake on a camper’s head, nailed it.. Maria and I stole cake out of the cooler.”

Prayer: “Thank You for another day to serve You with all I’ve got.”

Day 4:

Journal: “The turnaround time between breakfast and lunch today had to be super quick and we just barely made it.. I’m praying for grace.. The cooler was locked tonight.”

Prayer: “Thank You for using my brokenness to touch the lives of others.”

Day 7:

Journal: “I talked to one of my table’s leader who told me that her girls had felt loved by me this week. That’s why I’m here: to show Christ’s love through service.. We served our last meal to the first session and it was definitely bittersweet. Sweet because we made it through week one but bitter because I’m gonna miss them a lot.”

Prayer: “Grant me the strength to focus on You and the work You’ve called me to today.”

Day 8:

Journal: “I was asked to help choreograph and teach the flash mob to the girl campers. It was super awesome to be able to use my talent to glorify the God who gave it to me.”

Prayer: “Open my eyes to the areas in my life that are keeping me from You. Give me strength, courage, and faith to leave everything that I have and run in reckless abandonment into Your loving arms.”

Day 9:

Journal: “I didn’t drop cake on anyone this time around, nailed it.”

Prayer: “Help me to see myself the way that You my Creator sees me and grant me the grace, love, and compassion needed to see others in the same way.”

Day 14:

Journal: “Today we took all 400 plus chairs out of the dining hall and cleaned them, took out all 69 tables and cleaned them, vacuumed the carpet, and mopped the floors. So far 147 campers have given their lives to Christ so I think that’s a fair trade.”

Prayer: “Thank You for the warmth from the sun and the way it shines onto the lake, creating little diamonds that remind me of the treasure of love I’ve found in You.”

Day 16:

Journal: “God gave me a lot of strength and energy this morning.”

Prayer: “Thank You for the calm waters that remind me to be still and know that you are God.”

Day 18:

Journal: “I called a camper by her first name and her face was priceless. She was so surprised and excited that I knew her name. I hope she learns that Jesus knows her name too.. We prayed for the campers for a while and I accidentally fell asleep #sorryJesus.”

Prayer: “Give me love when I don’t feel it from others. Give me joy when the day feels long and exhausting and I loose sight of why I’m here. Give me peace when I worry about tomorrow. Give me patience when mine is tested. Give me kindness with the campers that tire me out. Give me goodness as I try to look for ways to humbly serve. Give me faithfulness as it’s easy to focus on my own needs and forget about others’. Give me self-control as I walk the thin line between joy and boiling over. Today is Yours.”

Day 19:

Journal: “I was able to share my testimony with a cabin again today and the girls seemed to relate and respond really well. My heart is full and I’m thankful for the way He works.”

Prayer: “Thank You for the fog this morning. Let me see you through the “fog” and uncertainty in my life.”

Day 21:

Journal: “I’m not looking forward to getting up extra early tomorrow, but it’s worth it.”

Prayer: “Grant me strength and joy today. I can’t do it alone.”

Day 23:

Journal: “On our last night all together, us girls laid on our back porch and looked at the stars.. I’m ready to go home but I never want to leave.”

Prayer: “Thank You for delivering me from death and allowing me to walk in the light of life. I’m sorry for the times when I choose darkness instead.”

Day 25:

Journal: “392 teenagers found Christ this month.. Goodbyes suck.”

Prayer: “Thank You for 25 days filled with sadness, joy, difficulty, ease, exhaustion, energy, tears, laughter, disagreements, and grace. Give us safe travels back to our houses as we leave what has become our home.”

Isaiah 41:9

“But you my servant, whom I have chosen.. I took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you. I said, ‘You are my servant’; I have chosen you and have not rejected you. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

He called, I answered, and experienced one of the most challenging but rewarding months of my short life.


Feast your eyes on me feasting on my seventh piece of cornbread during Country Night.

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2 Responses to Rough Rewards

  1. kristy says:

    Beautiful Song of Love to Jesus! Thank you for unveiling your heart for us to have a peak. Got your Work Crew evaluation in the mail today. Let’s just say…. YOU NAILED IT!!!


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