Fighting the Darkness

Most of my recent posts have been about current issues and thoughts that have been swimming around throughout my cluttered brain. Lately, however, I’ve been thinking back to why I created this blog: to remember. So, here’s a memory. Hopefully, you can still take something away from it.

This past week was filled with many joyful homecomings and long-awaited reunions. Among them was a Christmas dinner with my long-lost high school friends. With one too many carbs, gifts, laughter, and spills, it was the perfect night. We decided to close this night out with some pictures in order to remember just how great it had been.

We took advantage of the sparkling Christmas lights hung around the room as we allowed them to make their debut in our photos. However, even while most of us are (supposedly) smart college students, no one thought to turn off the lights around the room until we were halfway through our photo shoot. Once off, the lights obviously shone a whole lot brighter. I guess that’s what we’re going to college for–critical thinking.

As the new year sneaks up on us yet again, I am reminded of all the failed attempts at a New Year’s resolution. A clean mouth, a balanced diet, and a better report card–none of which were even remotely successful. I think many people desire to change the world for the better and perhaps a New Year’s resolution is the first step to doing so. Many of us desire a changed world, but our ambitions whither away once we are met with adversity. As we are faced with opposition, we often tend to back away for fear of being different.

To this, I would like to provide some encouragement. Take heart. Don’t let the rest of the world put out your light. In fact, let it fuel your flame. Use it to motivate your cause. As my friends and I quickly learned, light shines brighter in the darkness.

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