Taylor Swift is Ruining My Life

A tall, skinny, blue-eyed, blonde–What’s not to love? Her personality is great and her music’s even better. She’s got the innocent-but-secretly-sexy vibe going for her and every teenaged girl is infatuated with her lifestyle. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, Taylor Swift is slowly but surely ruining my life.

Now, when I say this, I’m obviously exaggerating (the only time my life was actually ruined was when I ran out of peanut butter but still had two Oreos left). No, my life is not up in flames because of this pop sensation, but I have noticed a significant change in my thoughts and feelings since I started listening to Miss Swift’s songs many years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I love her songs. They’re super catchy and beautifully written. However, I’ve realized that whenever I have a hankering for her music, I’m either really happy with Mr. So-and-So or really frustrated with Mr. What’s-His-Name. I’ve found that I like to listen to her songs because they relate to what’s going on at the current moment in time.

But when I jam to Taylor Swift, sometimes my brain overdramatizes my situation. I become either ten times as mad or the night seems ten times as magical when really it was one snide comment or one small glance from across the room. The lyrics encourage my mind to create an illusion that inaccurately portrays reality. This is hardly healthy.

Not only that, but some of her songs provide us with a false sense of what love looks like. Here are some pictures of love, according to Taylor: “Can you feel this magic in the air, it must’ve been the way you kissed me.” “I see you make your way through the crowd to say hello.” “Time slows down whenever you’re around.” “Dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light.”

The real world doesn’t always work like that. Magic really only comes from Disney World and perhaps a top hat. Boys don’t just waltz through the crowd and start an engaging conversation. These days, it seems like you have to get ahold of some type of drug for time to slow. And finally, life gets so busy that we forget to dance and, as my dad would say, “you’re letting all the cold air out of the fridge.”

Taylor, as we all know, has definitely had her share of boyfriends. Haven’t we all? (Wait, uhh… nope, not me) Nonetheless, it seems as though her songs capture just what it feels like to have your heart broken.

“I stare at the phone he still hasn’t called and you feel so low you can’t feel nothing at all.” (Girl, if you can’t feel anything, you might want to get that checked out…) “I bet she’s beautiful, that girl he talks about. She’s got everything that I have to live without.” “All that I know is that I don’t know how to be something you miss.” This breaks my heart. How can our happiness be dependent upon our relationships and our time be spent striving to be someone we’re not when there’s so much more to life? Yes, Taylor is accurately portraying a break-up or, in my case, a let-down, but sometimes her lyrics are too over-dramatic for my cause. I need something to help me think rationally.

The last issue that results from me listening to T-Swift is the expectation that boys make everything better. Now, I’m not trying to rag on the guys here. Guys, most of you are pretty dang cool. But, try as you might, you can’t fix everything.

“Kiss me on the sidewalk, take away the pain.” If a simple kiss could solve all of our problems, there would have been no need for World War 2 because Hitler and Stalin could have just shared a quick smooch and everything would have been fine.

“Nothing made sense until the time I saw your face.” Again, if this is true of you, I would highly suggest seeing a doctor…

“You’re perfect for me why aren’t you here tonight?” First of all, no guy will ever be perfect and, as my grandmother has recently told me: if they seem perfect, run away. Also, it’s okay that he’s not here. Learn to cope with things yourself. Find joy in something eternal.

This isn’t to say that boys and relationships are all in all bad, but it’s our reliance and dependence upon them and the way we let them define and consume us that can become detrimental and a lot of Taylor Swift’s songs encourage me to do so. Believe me, I love Taylor Swift just as much as the next person, but I think I need a break from the songs and messages that emphasize a love that doesn’t last forever.

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4 Responses to Taylor Swift is Ruining My Life

  1. Kay Hazlett says:

    Nice job Colleen. Very eloquently written with such meaning.


  2. Elizabeth Watkins says:

    I’m right there with you Colleen! I LOVE her songs and her style, but every time I find myself in the middle of a Swift binge I also find my head and my heart going a little mad with emotional and fanciful thoughts and wishes. I’ve learned I almost have to detach and not think about the lyrics when I listen, and just enjoy the beat and the music (which isn’t necessarily a good thing either). It’s like this with most modern music though, which is sad.


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