A Walk in the Park

Life is hard. The work is difficult, the play is tiresome (or non-existent), the days are long, and the nights are restless. Sometimes I wonder why life is so rough and then times like the one I’m about to describe remind me.

I recently took a walk with my good friend Tessa in a local park. We spent a good amount of time strolling between the trees and meandering through the many trails the park had to offer us. The trees were stuck in that awkward phase between “winter death” and “spring bloom.” It had just rained earlier on during that week and some of the trails were covered in sticky mud.

About halfway through our time together, I realized that I hadn’t really taken in any of my surroundings. I had no clue what the woods around me and the occasional open field that we encountered looked like (yes I know what plants and trees look like but you know what I mean).

I noticed that this tragedy occurred because I was spending a great deal of time looking at my feet. I couldn’t enjoy the scenery because I was so focused on the ground below me. I was so worried about tripping over myself or sinking into the mud that I overlooked and ignored the beauty surrounding me.

This is exactly why life is so hard. Oftentimes I focus too much on trying not to mess up and doing everything right that I don’t take the time to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of this short life. I spend too much time trying not to trip over my mistakes and drown in my inadequacies that I don’t have time to treasure the adventure that each day offers. I try so hard to take every step perfectly that I forget to look up and enjoy the view. My walk turns into a time of stress, concern, and fear instead of a relaxing stroll with a great Friend whom I know will catch me when I fall.

I need to quit dwelling on the regret of yesterday, the mistakes of today, and the anxieties of tomorrow and just enjoy everyday as it comes. Maybe then life would be more of a walk in the park.

Colleen #1

“What step or misstep could you take that He will not redeem?”

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