Longing for Rescue

I must admit, I have cried one too many times while watching Criminal Minds.

Lately, I’ve been #blessed with some much-needed downtime and with it came the Netflix binges (sorry not sorry). Criminal Minds has been the show that has captured my attention and my free time the most within these last few weeks.

If you’re not already aware, the show follows a team of special agents in the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI as they hunt and capture the villains our society has become so enamored and intrigued with (a rant for another time).

Almost every episode showcases a valiant rescue of a victim in distress by a brave (and sometimes handsome) agent–I see you Derek Morgan.

And I have cried with almost every episode.

How pitiful is that?

After my brain was finished putting my emotions down for crying so much, I started to wonder why this was a reoccurring event, and eventually I came to a realization: I am longing for rescue.

But aren’t we all?

Isn’t there this strong desire for us to be cared for and pursued? Think about it. Every little girl dreams of being the princess on the receiving end of a secret rescue mission. Little boys picture themselves in the middle of a doom-filled battle field being rescued by their allies at the very moment they needed it the most.

It’s how we were wired.

As we grow older, we try to fill this void through things such as relationships, video games, or, in my case, Criminal Minds. Maybe it helps us take our minds off of the emptiness for a while.

And maybe it works, for a while.

But in the end, we are never fully, I mean fully satisfied.

Boyfriends, as great as they can be, will fail us time and time again (can I get an amen from the ladies???), and video game systems will become damaged while the game itself, if abused, will prevent us from experiencing real, authentic life. Criminal Minds is all fine and dandy until Derek Morgan comes a little too late. Or until the episode ends and you’re left wanting to skip to the rescue part of the next episode (guilty as charged over here).

In these instances, life to the full is sought after, but never fully obtained.

While these things aren’t necessarily bad, they aren’t meant to fill this void.

Thank God.

The void can’t be filled because these things are temporary. They exude a temporary happiness that is limited to life on this earth.

The void needs an Eternal Rescuer.

One who will never fail, but instead will succeed our every expectation with His goodness, faithfulness, and love for us. One who will never grow weary in pursuing our hearts as we actively run from Him and strive for things that won’t ever fill the void. One who will seek to woo us with every sunrise and ocean (or gallon of ice cream, whatever floats your boat).

One who will never become “damaged” the more you spend time with Him, but instead beckons us nearer to His side and reminds us of our worth in doing so. One who desires for us to depend on Him and wants to rid us of everything that hinders in order to give us life, and life abundant.

One who will never be late in fulfilling His mission. Sometimes it seems as though He’s hesitant or even absent, but everything works within His timing, and He is never late in coming to our rescue. With Him, the “episode” will never end, because the journey will continue even after we leave this earth. And, until then, we get to be rescued every second of every day. HOLLA.

This Valentine’s Day, know that you are fought for, loved on, pursued, and protected. And, friend, that’s true regardless of whether or not you feel like you’re being freed by the prince, saved by the Allies, or rescued by THE Derek Morgan.

Colleen #1

“This love from Him is not something we must struggle for, earn, or fear to lose. We were made for such a love.” 

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6 Responses to Longing for Rescue

  1. Sarah says:

    So honest. So true. Love it. ❤


  2. Hayley says:

    Very very very good writing!! It really spoke to me!! Thank you!!❤❤❤


  3. saraboron says:

    I LOVE this!! By the way – AMEN! Did I ever tell you that part of my story was/is learning to put my worth in God and not my relationships? Michael is wonderful, but definitely not perfect. Neither am I! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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