A Picture of the Father

A few days ago I asked God to heal some broken pieces of my life and He told me that He thinks those broken pieces are beautiful when I let Him craft them into something great. I prayed that He would get rid of some insecurities and in the midst of me being worried about me, He reminded me who He is…

I was at a concert (shoutout to my boys in Tenth Avenue North) and I spotted a man and a girl headed to the front of the auditorium.

The father lead what looked to be a ten year-old girl to the front of the stage. His timid daughter looked nervous, but she took her father’s hand and followed him regardless of her fear. She trusted her father enough to know that she would be safe and taken care of wherever he decided to take her.

This trip that our Father invites us on is dangerous and uncomfortable and tiring, but when we know who our Father is, our lives seem less like a walk through a mine-infested field and more like a hop, skip, and jump on the greatest adventure there is.

After they arrived at the front of the stage, and the father stood protectively behind her and placed his hands gently on her little shoulders. Here, they swayed to the music together as she began to relax. Soon enough, her eyes became too tired to stay open and her head became too heavy for her neck to hold and she, without another thought, laid her head on her father’s arm.

Our Father wants to dance through life with us, we just need the courage to let Him take the lead. His hands hold our weary shoulders and heavy heads as He gently guides us through the trials we find ourselves in. Just His presence in our lives is enough to protect us from whatever lies ahead. We can fully rest when we find refuge in His embrace.

So here she is, a worn out girl who’s just trying to make it through the day by fully relying on her Father and looking to Him for protection, comfort, and guidance. Her Father knows this full well, and He takes this opportunity to bend down and whisper into her ear. What he said, I’m not sure, but you can bet your buns it made her night.

When we fully depend on Him and give Him some room to talk, God leans in real close and whispers truth into our ears. Truth that we so desperately need to hear, even before we knew we needed to hear it. Truth about who our Father is and truth about who we are. And then He gives us the option to let that truth change our lives.

I asked God to rid me of some paralyzing pain and some heavy insecurities, and He did just that, with a picture of the Father.

Colleen #1



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