Please Let the Storm Pass



The wind is so strong.

I am stronger.

I’m getting nervous.

Perfect love casts out fear.

I’m cold, I’m alone.

I’m right here.

It can’t rain, not here, not now.

Be still.

But the raindrops have already arrived.

So have I. 

It seems like they came out of nowhere.

I am not surprised by them.

I had everything under control.

Under your control, not Mine.

I was doing just fine.

Without Me.

They’re ruining everything, all of my well-thought out plans.

My Plan will prevail.

I didn’t see this storm coming.

Take My hand.

The thunder is scaring me, God.

You are safe in My arms.

I thought things were fine, the weather looked clear.

I know, but I want more for you.

I thought you loved me enough to protect me from the storm.

Don’t you know how much I love you?

I thought you were greater than the storm.

Why do you doubt?

I thought you were good.

When have I failed you?

I thought you promised you were working for my good.

And My glory, Child. 

Oh God, there’s the lightening.

I command the lightening.

Don’t you see me?

Nothing is hidden from My sight.

It’s too heavy, God.

Come to Me.

I can’t do this on my own.

I know.

I’m begging you.

I’m listening. 


I am never late. 

The raindrops don’t make sense.

Trust Me.

Please, God, let the storm pass.

Watch what I’ll wash away. 

But, why, God?

Just you wait and see.

Colleen #1

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4 Responses to Please Let the Storm Pass

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  2. This has rich, deep, comforting beauty!! Wow, thank you. I needed to be reminded of God’s relentless love in this way tonight. ❤

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