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God is Good (At Hide & Seek)

Sometimes life looks like dry quiet times and empty, distracted prayers. Sometimes God seems distant and you wonder what you’re doing wrong. Sometimes you start being bold and calling Him out of hiding, but He doesn’t always work like that. Other … Continue reading

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A Picture of the Father

A few days ago I asked God to heal some broken pieces of my life and He told me that He thinks those broken pieces are beautiful when I let Him craft them into something great. I prayed that He … Continue reading

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A Year Without Makeup

The past 365 days have been makeup free. I’m not sure if you understand how big HUGE of a deal this is for me. Before this past year, you wouldn’t have found me dead without makeup on. Even if I wasn’t planning … Continue reading

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The Ugly Truth

Today I spent way too long out on the front porch swing. Lucky for me, the sun just so happened to be setting while I chatted with my good pal Nicole so after our conversation ended, I decided to sit … Continue reading

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A Walk in the Park

Life is hard. The work is difficult, the play is tiresome (or non-existent), the days are long, and the nights are restless. Sometimes I wonder why life is so rough and then times like the one I’m about to describe … Continue reading

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Reaching the Beach

In most eyes, Panama City Beach is seen as a dark place full of danger, binging, and evil–especially during Spring Break. This past week, I definitely got to experience all of that first hand while walking the strip at odd … Continue reading

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I’m Single and Loving Valentine’s Day

We all love love. That’s why when you’re in love, Valentine’s Day is usually pretty exciting. The red roses, the diamond rings, the teddy bears, the kind words, the sloppy kisses, the sweet chocolate, and the even sweeter notes all … Continue reading

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My Biggest Bully

I met this girl many years ago although I don’t really remember how or when she became such a huge influence in my life. Nonetheless, here we are. She’s ruthless, cold-blooded, and extremely detrimental. She’s insulting and, frankly, she’s just … Continue reading

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