Blind to Truth

I’m as blind as a bat.

It’s funny because most days I definitely forget how much I need my eyewear.

Today, it was a bit drizzly and [naturally] I didn’t think about wearing contacts instead of glasses. (NAILED IT!)

As soon as I walked outside, the rain clung to my frames and it became harder and harder to see clearly. (NAILED IT!)

So I did the only thing I could think of: I took off my glasses and hid them safely in my coat pocket. (NAILED IT!)

All was fine and dandy until I realized I couldn’t see anything because, again, I’m as blind as a bat. (NAILED IT!)

In fact, I actually became slightly dizzy and almost tripped and fell on more than one occasion. (NAILED IT!)

And as soon as I entered into my classroom’s building, I immediately polished my lenses and returned my glasses to their rightful place. Finally, I was able to walk correctly and safely. What’s even better, I could start enjoying the end of my walk instead of squinting and trying not to trip or run into someone like I did the whole way to class.

Life is the same way.

We spend our days blissfully sauntering around, forgetting how much we actually rely on our eyewear. We are blind to how blind we are. We think we can do this thing called life on our own.

Most of the time, we aren’t in the least bit prepared for when the rain hits–whether it comes in the form of mist or a thunderstorm. This life comes at us full force and we have no idea how to handle it because, let’s be real, how does one correctly prepare for disaster??

If we choose the wrong form of eyewear, our vision can become impaired by all the rain that decides to stay awhile. We can continue to wear our glasses during the storm, but they won’t do us much good. We can keep trying to find truth in the same venues as before, but if it’s not The Truth, in the end it won’t do us much good. The wrong truth source will leave us empty and confused.

We can take off our glasses, but if that’s all we do, we’ll be left wondering where our path went and where to go next. Not having the correct lens, or any lens at all for that matter, leads to a ton of worry about life’s next steps.

If we don’t replace the incorrect eyewear with the correct one, we’ll be left dodging the  obstructions and cracks while also waiting for our feet to take one wrong step (who knew sidewalks could be so dangerous??). If we don’t have the right truth source to help us through the obstacles and footfalls of life, things can get pretty messy pretty quickly.

When you have the right lens to look through, life starts to make more sense. When I look at the world through the eyes of the One who created mine, things start to become clear.

**Note to self: wear contacts on rainy days, you goon.**

Colleen #1

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2 Responses to Blind to Truth

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  2. Sarah says:

    Preach it girl 🙂

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